The God of Small Things..

It occurred to me the other day that our life has got so complicated that we need God even in small things. This thought flashed by when I was finding it difficult to park in Hyderabad Central Mall the other day. I was struggling through the big line, made it to the basement and was reconciled to waiting there for the next fifteen minutes when suddenly a guy pulls out of a great spot just in front of me thereby giving me the best chance to park my car.

I attributed this to the generosity of a watchful God who is forever fawning on me and catering to my slightest need and ensuring that in this case I got the perfect spot to park.

More often than not, we are so enamored with the large vision that we forget to see God in the little things that happen around us. We tend to think that God is so grandiose that he (or she) must perforce be excluded from the little things that gnaw at us on a daily basis. Yet, the small things are the ones that determine our day to day peace of mind. By shutting God from these things, we are stripping God of an important part of our life. We are failing to benefit from an avenue that has immense potential to transform our life.

So I think we should keep some room in God’s JD (job description) to take care of our little things as well. After all, God is omnipotent. One little thing more in his plate would hardly make a difference. Right?

raja shankar kolluru

To describe myself as a manifestation of the supreme spirit may sound too bombastic. But that is what we all are. I am reminded of the story of a great sage who was reading the Upanishads. He was asked as to what he was reading. To which he replied that he is reading about his own glories. This blog especially is an offshoot of all my religious ruminations over the years.

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